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Where: Sudafrica

Organization: Travel agency and ourself

Name: Following Wilbur Smith and Kuki Gullmann

When: 26 Agosto - 25 settembre 2000

SouthAfrican Anthem on backgroud.


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This travel represents " trade of union" between the sure travels and the adventurous travels (of those NOT organized from the tour operator). For " sure " travels we mean travels easy to organize and " to manage ", and where the search of lodges and fuel service is reduced. For adventurous travels we mean those travels where it is necessary to make greater attention beyond that said how much (cause more difficult to find), also to the contingent situations, not always calm. The Sudafrica introduces a situation in the middle between these types of travels, and you'll understand why. Country of strong contrasts in past, nearly cohabits civilly 11 various peoples, as the official languages. Also the flag is full of colors. South Africa needs of tourists, than fortunately they begin to arrive.

The Sudafrica offers optimal structures of Bed and Breakfast (B&B) cheapest and optimal services, an optimal street network and -in some regions- highways, an offer of natural landscapes and one of most incredible fauna to the world. It does not introduce contraindications of any type, but you must care greater attention to the hygiene ( still malaria is endemic in the Park Kruger and the Est Kwa-Zulu Natal) and don't  risking a visit to Johannesburg alone, adviced against from all (what that instead isn't for the Township, indeed Johannesburgh has large problems of public order, and a roads network much chaotic one, in which is easy lost the way, take a look when you'll arrive, and if you want take tour, book a organized  tour, that it previews also SOWETO. But we go with order and we begin from Frankfurt...

27 August, Middelburg: our travels show always some difficulties, at start, and also isn't exception. As we had not made check-in in travel agency (with the Lufthansa you can) our places were worse how much could be: inner in the central row. And no near, but one of the other. Immediatly i paid for the passage in business. With all conforts... 'Cause the travel, is nocturne and 11 hours long. To the usual we had reserved the indispensable minimum: that is the flight and the car and exceptionally, lodging in the Kruger. So, jumped Sun City (the Las Vegas of Africa),  we  decided for East, to the Kruger Park, after to have visited Pretoria: it does not make one great impression to us. Just to understand that the black ones still have subjection of the white men, and the white men, species those of etnia Dutch-boer, have a little arrogance, also towards the tourists.

Not only: it hits the total lack of mutual confidence: the white men have " English " houses or Americans, therefore little garden with green typically cut fine, flowers, low walls... But all is encircled barbed wire, many elettrificated. Threatening trusts remember that the answer is "armed. The black people, for against -at today- has not still leave at all  townships, and every city is double one: that one of the whites: ordered, cleaned up, with tar roads, stores etc.  And that one for black people, with untarred roads, houses (?) in sheet, and poorness is "real". All the black ones are not remained there, but the majority still yes. The impression is great, and all could scare. We reach Middelburg thus, and we are enough tired and we decide to stop. A lot laboriously we find a B&B, after a useless search of a motel-hotel, and equally a useless attempt to understand like is mapped the same Middelburg. The house is wonderful, and city (perhaps) pretty, near would be a typical village of the Ndebele........but I cannot enjoy, i forgot in Johannesburg, at Rent-a-car office, my credit card. The only thing that cheer up me (after phoned   to the Avis offce and the confirmation that the next day we would be returned to take my credit crd) is a 500 g. T-Bone steak for me and one Rump Steak for Carla. The meat is delicious.....

28 August, Skukuza, Kruger Park: impressive: like us will be also later  confirm, the Sudafrica IS NOT flat, absolutely. Up, Down, Left, Right........Su, giu', left 5 right... Find 3 flat km and/or rectilinear is an illusion. But  it contributes to the reputation: colors, landscapes, you space..... all absolutely incredible ones. To the 14 we are to " the gate " of Menelane, the access from South to the park Kruger. Skukuza is about 60 km, but they will go made to the 40 the hour, to the maximum, and often we will slow down..... Amenities and the visible animals will obligate to stop us..... We are moved, just ended to say "Usually, will not see nothing "...... look at there!. Impalas, a type of bufalo, and still impalas.....And zebras... We must be absolutely in " camp " within the sunset (it's winter, and dark is coming), so we do not stop more. At  reception we discover that we have mistaken to reserve, the three days left yesterday. However we had the Rondavel (type of bungalow in masonry with the roof in straw), reserved 2 tour, one in the morning  (from the 5 a.m. and half!!!) and one in the evening, we go to the shop to buy the supper. The Rondavel makes much " ethnic one ", but gecos, mosquitos (with panic our malaria cause), are true and annoying.

From here Systran translate not checked

29 August, Skukuza, Kruger Park: the nottata one e' be a hell. Noises ovunque, to the 2 Carla wide awake me, and effectively seemed to be in means to the savana... Addio night (is not piu' resolutions to sleep), also perche' to the 5 and half we have the tour. Cold E', and a lot. And e' buio. But we are most wide awake: the excitation e' strongly. In fact hardly a km outside from camp the 3 hyenas: they are not thus ugly like are imagined. They make fear, si'. Also perche' we are to the open of this van and if it jumped me I could find in arm..... However the reassuring guide e', has with if a gun (obligatory) for difenderci from attacks. It blows rabid, e' in fact a mother and the cuccioli are in potential danger. The tour sara' of three hours, but e' begun well! Eccoci hour on the rivers of the Sabie river, and here the lions, fat: they have as soon as eaten a impala. Hyenas and voltures wait for the moment adapted Then e' a succession of " visions ": ippopotami, the strangest birds, giraffes, and baboons. In the park puo' also to turn itself alone, and, taken from the enthusiasm we take the machine and we take risks between asphalted roads and shunting lines in sterrato. The man does not represent a danger, for the animals, if e' within the car, but he would come immediately attacked if he came down. Prohibited to come down from the machine, but in i (rare) points pic-cNic and of ristoro. The tour serale he introduces himself with a sunset give fable And also visions of nocturnal animals which the ginetta, a feline similar to the cat. But we count also a lion, an elephant, a ippopotamo, and numerous impala.

30 August, Skukuza, Kruger Park: today it we can define the elephant day. To the usual, the nottata one passes enough tormented,   and to the 6 we are gia' in feet. Today we will go towards east, Lower Sabie. And therefore we begin with the elephants, 4 cross us the road. Then the facocero (someone remembers the King Lion), the most annoying baboons, an elephant that attacks to us in  to shunting line (mother who fear!), bufali, ippopotami, impala, turtles, and still elephants........Zebre, kudu and giraffes, in order to end... That day!!! 31 August, Sabie: we exit from the Kruger, e' be one beautiful experience. Even if stanotte the hungry facocero has turned upside down all the garbage cans..... We advise of andarci to the fine August, beginning September, the vegetation not e' foltissima and the animals are very visible. Moreover the warm but not soffocante climate e'. Also minimal the malaria risk e'. We are escapes and all it changes The road e' much dissestata, and very many persons of color cover it on foot, some with their things in head, children in scholastic uniform run, some make the hitchhiking, some rest within of the wheelbarrows. The rooms are stone or sheet cubes, but they seem dilapidated rather. We are nervous... The first thought that comes to us e' " But if these stop to us, they make to disappear all... chi finds again to us, to we? ", you you place, this thought, eccome. obviously we have mistaken road, but e' enough easy, the trusts are not precisissmi, here. To the end we exit from this place, of which, between the other, we do not know neanche the name, and take the direction for Sabie, our initial goal. The savana e' a memory, hour the landscapes is similar the Europe north: driven in forests costeggiano the road. In piu' we go up, we are to 1100m. Also today the be temperature e' on the 30 degrees, and the sun scalda a lot. B &B that we have chosen e' much beautiful one, on the 50 mila Liras to head, and e' managed from an Italian, Sergio Battaglia, trasferitosi here many years ago. The acceptance e' narcotic: the moglie (South African) did not see the hour that someone arrived from Italy perche' Sergio made exercise, he is not in the skin, and it invites to us to remain some day, perche' the things to see in the outskirtses are tantissime. E' soon and we put ourselves endured " on the way " (for road): the Panoramic Route that must to its name to one series of natural formations of the Drakensberg,  the montana formation that the Sudafrica from North to South crosses, with canyon from brivido (Blyde River Canyon, the third party to the world, for profondita'), the Pinnacle, spuntone of cliff a hermit, encircled from mountains, several sights from the canyon, like the God' s windows (window of God) the Windows View (Seen of the window) and finally the Bourke' s Luck Potholes, a river that has created a game of cascatelle and stones levigatissime. Here we meet one comitiva of students of color, much loquacious and friendly. The flown time e', and the supper (returned to Sabie) e' fantastic. The meat e' - we can confirm exceptional.

To be continue.......................



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